Foam Cylinder Heating Warming Wrap Set Tall for AB Units – 17 Gallon Tanks


(Kit includes 2 Warming Wraps) 17 Gallon Tanks
Our new Foam Cylinder Warming Wrap Set offers a fast, safe, economical, and energy saving way to keep foam system cylinders at optimum temperature for better application results. This product is a cylinder warmer, not a heater. The warmers have a pre-set maximum temperature of 90°F, and once that temperature is reached, the warmers will self-regulate.

Each of the 2 Cylinder Wraps in the set measure 28” high x 53” long. The heavy-duty nylon outer material surrounds a heat reflecting flexible barrier and is insulated with closed cell polypropylene. The enclosed heating element plugs into any 120V AC outlet and uses only 80W of power. There is a convenient cord storage pouch on each wrap to store the power cord out of the way when not in use. A hook & loop closure along with adjustable cinch straps keep the wraps in place.

(Foam Cylinders and Foam Sealant Delivery hose not included. For display purposes only)

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