About Arctic Warmers

Solve Your Cold Weather Application Problems!

Running Trucks All Day
Popped Caulk Tubes
Heat Loss In Spray Foam Hoses
Crowded Lift Spaces
Excess Manlift Runs
Sealing Tapes That Won’t Stick
Cold Weather Delays & Expenses
Extra Employee Time

Our Warming Bags & Wraps are built to stand up to the construction environment:

Heavy Duty Waterproof Nylon Construction<
Low Energy Consumption
Plugs into 120V AC or 12V DC Inverter
Retains Heat When Unplugged
Will maintain Spray Foam chemical at perfect 80º Temp

We have the warming solutions you need to keep summer temps on the job site all year round. Put an end to your cold weather job frustrations.

Arctic Warmers History

Invented in Duluth, MN – Arctic Warmers Warming Bags & Wraps.  On October 1, 2016 Reasor Products sold the Arctic Warmer Product Line to The PipeKnife Company, one of our top distributors for our product lines over the years. They will continue the proud tradition of developing products that solve cold weather application problems by designing products and imagining solutions through innovation for economical solutions to warming challenges. We take a product from concept through sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution utilizing the best possible practices, and are unique for crafting solutions to problems utilizing the best possible resources with conservation of energy in mind.

Our approach to warming bags and wraps has made us the experts in the industry. Our process of a flexible heat reflecting foil that retains and reflects heat back into the product and requires only a small amount of energy has won us local and international awards.

We have been invited to participate in the Donny Deutsch Show the “Big Idea” on MSNBC, the daytime show on NBC in Phoenix, AZ and the ABC show “The Bridge” in Schenectady. NY. We will continue to create other products for the consumer and construction markets building on our expertise of heat retention and low energy consumption.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to deliver a high-quality warming product at the lowest possible cost to the construction industry and tradesmen; keeping items warm in cold weather to make their work easier. Our goal is to provide the best products with the greatest service possible; serving others as we would like to be served.